We would like to take a moment to discuss matting with you.

What is matting? Well, simply, "'Matting' refers to densely tangled clumps of fur in a pet's coat. If a coat is not properly and/or frequently brushed, loose and live hair become embedded in large masses. Sometimes “mats” can be combed out, but if left too long, it is impossible without seriously harming the animal." (http://www.dogdayafternoonspa.com/groomingservices/aboutmatting.html)

Why does my dog have to be shaved if matted?
 Matted fur/hair decreases the airflow to the skin, which can cause infections and irritations, especially if there is urine, feces, and/or nature trapped in the fur. To get mats safely out, the clipper blade has to go underneath the mat. Trying to brush or comb the mats out is dangerous. It can tug on the skin, cause tears, cuts, bruising and is torture. Our number one priority for your dog is their safety. We will not do extensive dematting, if there is any possibility of harm or discomfort to your dog. 

What should I expect if my dog gets shaved? Releasing the mats away from the skin can expose preexisting skin irritation or infections. Keep a look out for any redness or scabbing. We will notify you if we see any concerning spots on your pet before your dog goes home. There may be excess itchiness because the skin now has proper airflow and the dog hasn't felt that in a while.  Your pup may feel exhausted after being shaved down, so don't be alarmed if they need a good rest once they are home. We give them a lot of breaks during the session, but they may still be tired after everything is complete. Your dog may look very different when you pick them up, but they will think they look and feel amazing. Please use an excited/happy tone when you see them. If you don't like the way they look and sound like you don't like it, they will start to think they did something wrong and feel ashamed. Hair grows back, fairly quickly, and your dog still has the same personality underneath the fur. Love them just the same. 

Is matting preventable? YES! By daily brushing/combing, your dog can be any length that its hair/fur will grow to! If you need help with proper brushing techniques, we are more than willing to help and teach you how to keep your dog's coat in the best possible condition that it can be. The longer the fur, the more work, but it is possible. Also, keeping your dog on a regular bath/grooming schedule with help to achieve the goals you want for your dog. 


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