Meet Cali

If you have visited our shop before, you may have seen (or heard) our dog, Cali. Ramon rescued Cali from a puppy mill that abused her and wanted to put her down because she wouldn't "make" puppies and she ate the other dogs' food (she was only about 1.5 yrs old). Ramon took her out of the terrible situation and gave her a new and loving home.

Though we have tried to help Cali overcome her past, she still struggles with trusting strangers. She comes with us to the shop, as a way to try and socialize her more, though, she prefers to stay in the back in one of her beds. We have deemed her the "complaints department" because she has no problem letting people know she is there and that this is actually her shop...(lol) Anyone that knows our dog, finds her title to be accurate.
She is annoying, stubborn, demonic sounding when playing with toys, and does not like to snuggle for longer than 3 seconds, but we love her and she is our world.

This is Cali.

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